Abeille Children Clothing is a cheerful, elegant and bespoke British brand founded in 2019 by two young, ambitious women. Klevina Shahmani began envisioning the idea for this brand after having her first child as she noticed a lack of variety in colour and style in children’s wear, particularly for boys. 

In it's semblance she approached Seada Merkulaj, a talented designer to visualise the essence of Abeille and what they wanted it to represent. A current Fashion Design student, with pieces featured in London Fashion Week, Seada began to combine modern and vintage ideas in and attempt to bring an era of sophistication and choice to children’s clothing. 

Following the illustration of brilliant initial designs, Eralda Bisha (co-founder) quickly made the decision to begin production. 

The name Abeille meaning ‘bee’, was chosen as it symbolises community, brightness, power and nature - qualities that Eralda and Klevina want this brand to promote. The cofounders desired a name both child-friendly and representative of femininity, as female entrepreneurs their message is that of equality: women raising and helping one another by working and building together.